40 x 25kg bags Granular Water Softener Salt

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40 x 25kg bags Granular Water Softener Salt 1 pallet of 40 bags of 25kg Granular salt - £7.63 per bag inc. 

Pallet deliveries - see delivery information before ordering.

Total weight - 1000kg


Why buy bulk?

Cheaper - Buying in bulk offers major savings compared to buying small quantities more regularly.

Greener - Buying (for example) a bulk pallet of 40 bags saves 5 vehicle journeys compared to buying 7 bag at a time. Less fuel, less CO2, less traffic congestion.

More convenient - Fewer deliveries means fewer orders, phone calls, fewer payments to make.

Avoid running out - There's nothing more frustrating than suffering hard water because we are not in your area for a week. Keeping plenty in stock means enjoying continuous soft water.